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Come here Ib, The Festival Begins!

- 6/20/2012
For those unfamiliar, Ib is a Japanese indie survival horror game that took pixiv by storm after its release in Feburary 2012.

Due to its immense popularity, we have joined forces with kouri (the creator of the game) to open an Ib illustration contest.

The 6 selected winners will have their works featured in the upcoming "Ib Calendar 2013" (working title) which is being overseen by kouri.

【Contest Period】
Wednesday June 20 to Sunday July 15, 2012, 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)

(1)Any Ib related illustrations are welcome.

(2)You must tag your entry with the following: Ib祭

【Submission Details】
- Submission Limit
Submission limit:You may enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be unique.

- Submission Size
There is no size limit for web submission.
The selected winners will be required to resubmit their winning entry as an A3-sized 300-dpi image in portrait orientation.

【Selection Details】
- Most Prestigious Award / 1 Winner
 - The selected work will be featured in the upcoming "Ib Calendar 2013" (working title), and the winner will also be requested to draw the cover for the calendar.
 - ¥50,000 in prize money

- kouri Award/1 Winner
 - The selected work will be featured in the upcoming "Ib Calendar 2013" (working title).
 - ¥30,000 in prize money

- Quarterly pixiv Award /4 Winners
 - The selected work will be featured in the upcoming "Ib Calendar 2013" (working title).
 - A ¥10,000 Amazon Gift Voucher

Finally, selected non-winning entries may have the chance of being featured in "Quarterly pixiv vol.10".

If you're a fan of Ib or are otherwise interested, then don't miss this chance!

We are looking forward to your participation!

◆ Contest Outline
◆ List of Entry Works
◆ Terms and Conditions

◆「Ib」Official Webpage (kouri) - JAPANESE

※ Please note that this announcement is a translation of the Contest
Outline. However, the original Contest Outline and the Terms and
Conditions are available in Japanese only. Non Japanese participants are
cordially welcomed to join the contest.
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