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「THE iDOLM@STER」Illustration Contest Winners Announced

- 12/8/2011
This is an announcement from the pixiv team.

The winners for "THE iDOLM@STER" anime illustration contest which was held from Monday, July 4 to Wednesday, August 31 has finally been announced.

We like to congratulate the winners selected from more than 1000 entries submitted for the contest!
Each winner will be presented with a comment from the staffs and the casts of the show, and we will now announce the winners along with the comments.

Bandai Namco Games Award

Illustrated signature board drawn personally by character designer, Kiyotaka Tamiya
10,000yen QUO Card
Promotional poster signed by the casts.

Title:『Are You Ready?

◇Comment from Kiyotaka Tamiya(「THE iDOLM@STER 2」Game character designer)
Such cheerful, well expressed characters, and beautiful colors. Everyone here is cute!

Anime staff award(3 entries)

Illustrated signature board drawn personally by director Atsushi Nishigori.
Illustrated signature board drawn personally by chief animation director, Haruko Iizuka.
Illustrated signature board drawn personally by chief animation director, Akira Takata.


◇Comment from Atsushi Nishigori("THE iDOLM@STER" Anime Director)
The iM@s-ish color variety along with the jelly is really refreshing.
The deformed characters and their expressions are somewhat calming.
At first I thought 4 servings were not enough but…(laughs) the extra tricks here are good.
It's unfortunate but I wonder if Chihaya is hiding Makoto's belly button with her spoon…


◇Comment from Haruko Iizuka("THE iDOLM@STER" chief animation director)
"If one would stand at the first row during the live concert, wouldn't your heart skip a beat when looking at Iori on stage?!!!"
That is the feeling I got from the illustration, and it caught my eye the most.
It's beautiful seeing the shining figure on stage even with the sweat flying around like a weapon, and that itself reaffirms the awesomeness of this work.


◇Comment from Akira Takata("THE iDOLM@STER" chief animation director)
Awesome!! I'd like to draw something like this as well!

Cast Award (12 entries)

Signature board signed directly by the each cast of the show.

Eriko Nakamura(Haruka Amami)Award

Winner:ヨーグル さん

◇Comment from Eriko Nakamura
Jump out! Colorful world! This picture is a totally exciting piece of work.
Without a doubt, I'll look forward to see Master Haruka's next work. ^^

Akiko Hasegawa(Miki Hoshii)Award

Winner:cu-rim さん

◇Comment from Akiko Hasegawa
I chose this work because both Miki and Takane are so cute when they show off each of their charm points, and I think the sea and the blue sky is so pretty and gorgeous too.

Asami Imai(Chihaya Kisaragi)Award

Winner:麻井 鳥

◇Comment from Asami Imai
The bird dancing freely in the sky beyond the window and Chihaya singing to her delight was drawn with a sense of clarity.
I chose this illustration because I think it would be nice to have more people seeing Chihaya smiling like that.

Mayako Nigo(Yayoi Takatsuki)Award


◇Comment from Mayako Nigo
It felt different from the usually energetic Yayoi, that fluffy feel coming from her feels refreshing and makes her look really cute♪

Azumi Asakura(Yukiho Hagiwara)Award


◇Comment from Azumi Asakura
I think it's wonderful to see everyone being so lively!
It's cute, fun and exciting just by looking at it♪

Hiromi Hirata(Makoto Kikuchi)Award


◇Comment from Hiromi Hirata
Hello this is Hirata. Congratulations on winning the cast award!
It's an illustration where you look once and you're awestrucked…it's wonderful.
I'm Impressed how the artwork includes all the characters traits and signature moves.
Once again, congratulations on the award!

Asami Shimoda(Ami and Mami Futami)Award


◇Comment from Asami Shimoda
The moment I looked at this gentle and overflowing cutely illustration, it felt like I'm hugging it tightly without thinking.
While it's both Ami and Mami's appeal to see them as students who can't keep up with school, but sometimes I feel gripped when I see the warm expression on their faces!

Rie Kugimiya(Iori Minase)Award


◇Comment from Rie Kugimiya
I felt the commotion that lies even within the serenity.
I think it's really gives out a wonderful atmosphere.
I am also deeply interested in what kind of conversation both of them are having.

Chiaki Takahashi(Azusa Miura)Award


◇Comment from Chiaki Takahashi
It's Ryugu Komachi dancing in Ryuugu Palace!! The drawing technique on the tropical fish is amazing (cries)
Thank You Pespect♪

Yumi Hara(Takane Shijou)Award


◇Comment from Yumi Hara
It's amazing to see the Takane's proficiency shown within this one picture.
I can feel the high class cuisine feel overflowing too after seeing Takane eating Ramen here (laughs)
After all, ancient cities fits perfectly with Takane eh♪

Manami Numakura(Hibiki Ganaha)Award


◇Comment from Manami Numakura
I think it's wonderful to see how the characteristics of each idol were included in such a simple drawing.
But wow the sandals are matching, or something like that.
Iori's pose and Eri's expression are especially my favorite here.
Thank you very much☆

Naomi Wakabayashi(Ritsuko Akizuki)Award


◇Comment from Naomi Wakabayashi
Thank you for casting a spell on Ricchan.
Really happy to see both producer Ritsuko and idol Ritsuko drawn wonderfully.
The matching colors are also really "otome-tic", cute, and soft.
From here on, please continue your support on Ritsuko.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

pixiv Award

selected entries will be included in the "pixiv×THE iDOLM@STER illust collection" book
pixiv's original Bit Cash card worth 1,575yen.

夏だから!!』/cu-rim さん
ゆきほ』/い~どぅ~ さん
天海春香』/米 さん
憧憬』/マル さん
アイマスりっちゃん』/ひなた睦月 さん
やよいちゃん大好き!!!!!!!!!!!!』/まいこ さん
思い出をありがとう』/しーく さん
事務所にて』/いやくん さん
Are you ready!!』/桜 さん
ゲロッパ!!』/ダン さん
揺蕩う真』/書店院まとり さん
亜美真美貴音』/ハナツカ さん
MIZUGI』/もけお さん
READY!!』/キタノユースケ さん
ダイヤモンドは砕けない』/軒蛙 さん
竜宮ミズギ』/ねこまたなおみ さん
』/毒妹子 / メイ さん
ありえない格好の千早』/つかさ さん
あいどる☆ますたー』/pondel さん
はいさい!』/つっつ さん
5秒前』/ぽんねつ さん
』/水玉子 さん
COSMIC BLUE』/ysmmzr さん
夢・叶えてあげたい』/まめP さん
響と千早』/綾杉つばき さん
COME ON!』/ねこぷち さん
広告のお仕事』/星滴 さん
背の順に並べっ!』/くまみね さん
アイマス!』/鶴井 さん
貴音さんの水着グラビア』/キグナス さん
Are You Ready?』/tanaka さん
アイドルマスター』/ぶんたん さん
アイドルマスター』/ぶんたん さん
カラフルアイドル』/ヨーグル さん
魔法をかけて!』/K子 さん
クール★サマー』/haimerejzero さん
ハニーラブ☆ハニーパイ』/山崎かずま さん
765プロ出勤』/えびねら さん
あはっ☆』/はとはる さん
うっうー』/ユウキ さん
READY!!』/U10 さん

"THE iDOLM@STER" anime has also finally reached the climax.
From now on, you won't be taking your eyes off the idols of 765 Production anymore!

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