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ブシロード -カードファイト!!ヴァンガード
SQUARE ENIX -乖離性/拡散性ミリオンアーサー
集英社文庫 -ストレイヤーズクロニクル ・本多 孝好(著)
アルファポリス -THE NEW GATE・風波しのぎ(著)
Nintendo/INTELLIGENT SYSTEM -ファイアーエムブレムサイファ
シリコンスタジオ- 刻のイシュタリア 等










◆Guideline for the use of my illustrations.

I'm frequently asked about copyrights of my illustrations.
If you want to use my illustrations or copy them to other website / social media, please read and agree to following regulation first.

1. All rights reserved.

You cannot use and copy these illustration.
- Illustrations with the copyright mark or text strings that represent the rights holders.
- Illustrations of which information about my client or providing destination in the caption.

2. Partially permitted.

Here is a guideline for your use of my Illustrations other than the above-mentioned category 1.

As long as you comply with the following terms…
- Personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.
- Description of artist’s name of the illustration (me, 魔界の住民) is needed.
- Excessive trimming, effects and over painting to my illustrations can’t be allowed.
- Website or blogs you upload my illustrations must be wholesome, not contrary to public order or morality.
- If you set my illustrations to your SNS account, do not post any aggressive, offensive or immoral remarks.

You can copy and use my illustrations…
- as an Icon of your SNS account,
- in the cut of videos,
- in blog article to introduce illustrations.

You don’t have to report the use to me.
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  • 終極の巡礼者ダンテ
  • 絡繰師
  • 竜血の殲王ジークフリート
  • 竜鎧の騎士