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Xilosphere is a freelance multimedium graphics service providing quality design solutions for the masses. Album covers, T-Shirts, Brochures, Custom Posters, and Website Graphics are available to those looking for a visual edge above the local fair.

I'm a USA native who's life had been immersed in a culture of creativity for as long as I can recall. Having gone to the New Orleans Centre of Creative Arts academy (NOCCA) where I developed skills and new techniques that were rudimentary to progression in my element. This is where my portfolio was first under construction.

During my time at NOCCA, a twist of fate shifted everything I'd known for so many years. Cyclone Katrina hit in late 2005 and my life was hectic for the coming years. I eventually settled in Baton Rouge where I met a team of Art Therapists. As I worked with them on many occasions, an offer had arisen for me to attend the IdyllwildARTS (IAA) summer program in California. Building myself up from obscurity, I was later offered a scholarship to return to IdyllwildARTS for an Academic Year.

This was where I was projected into a world built upon the very nature of art itself, a school environment truly conducive to the creative mind. Learning pottery, an interest in Japanese/Korean language and culture, photography, and even having been exposed to film and acting. I found myself evolving.

After leaving, I established myself under the Xilosphere name as an artistic entity. The mission in essence being to provide the highest quality graphics to artists of various mediums. Whilst fulfilling my passion and connecting the world by means of
  • 支配的なサザエ様(小)
  • ドリアンの音楽
  • Beauty Town
  • 21世紀GFXアーティスト (Century)
  • SXi ロック画面2.0
  • ヴァイト:白目
  • Youth Summer Retreat Poster
  • In-House (V+A+D)
  • デザイン2B
  • パンゴ電気植物
  • ヴィクター
  • Milo マイロ(西村聡)