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●活動サークル名「Milky Been!」



● 我所在的活动社圈名称是「Milky Been!」
● 作品想删就删,完全看心情。
● 若找我有事情的话,请一律使用站内私人简讯功能。
※ 倘若拖了至少三天都还没有答覆的话,或者是我很忙、或者是我表示拒绝。请多多包涵。



● I am in a circle called "Milky Been!"
● I will remove some of my illustrations on a whim as soon as I want.
● Please only use private messages if you want to ask me for something.
If you want diversion / reproduction regarding my artworks, please let me know.
※ If you wait for at least 3 days for no respond, it would probably mean that I refused your request or I am on the run / too busy. Thanks for your appreciation.

I apologize that I won't make responds if your messages are not written in Japanese or your writing makes me confused.

I could only understand Japanese.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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