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Please do not use any images ( artworks and photos on my site) on your site without permission. At least, I hope you e-mail me or respective artists before you post it.

If you find any copies of my works in any other places being used on a web site, printed or sold without my permission, please inform me as soon as possible, for there is a possibility of an infringement of copyright. It is also helpful if the URL(if there is one) or the place they are being printed or sold is indicated, so that it is possible to warn or to take legal actions against the person involved.
  • 【宣伝】7/25発売・漫画「LOVE&HATE」イラストまとめ
  • 【LOVE & HATE】
  • 【C89】刀剣乱舞漫画本サンプル&お品書き
  • ウラヌス&ネプチューン
  • オネエ審神者とへし切長谷部2
  • オネエ審神者とへし切長谷部
  • おとこのこ
  • 半月の世界
  • 「あなただけ」
  • ティータイム
  • 学生戦争・黒軍
  • 「瞳」