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[About requests to copy, distribute or transmit my illustrations]

Thanks for your interest in my works.

Unfortunately, since most of my works are FANART, I don't consider any kind of requests and proposals to reprint/ upload / use / edit my illustrations to any other websites which I can not manage by myself.

Please DO NOT copy/distribute/upload/use/edit/reprint my illustrations to ANY other sites (including but not limited to WEIBO/ BAIDU/ TUMBLR/ LOFTER/ Forum...etc.). Thank you.
  • おめでとう
  • ハッピーインデペンデンスデイ
  • 今は幸せかい
  • 楽しいことならいっぱい☆
  • 【腐】さて、ゲームをしようか
  • ほっといてはいけない