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Hello! ^_^ / こんにちは! ^ _ ^

Unfortunately I have beginner Japanese and thus I am not an expert at it (I'm limited to Hiragana OTL). and I mainly made a pixiv account to browse around drawings made by artists here which are all wonderful! I want to share some of my art here as well so don't mind me. xD

If you do speak English (or even just a little), feel free to drop by and say hello. =)

** For those of you wondering how I'm using the art tag, I copy and paste the Japanese text from English Wiki pages (and then verifying that they are correct by putting the characters into the search box) or I mooch off of someone's art tag and figure out (just by looking around) what are the contents. This explains why I am able to search and label artwork with ease~ **


Rachel です。
カナダ人かなだ だいごくのがくせえです。
よろしくおねがいします。 ^_^
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