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Mike Majestic: Freelance illustrator and conceptual designer from the United States. Karl Östlund: Freelance illustrator and conceptual designer from Sweden. Nick Maradin: Freelance Illustrator and conceptual designer from the United States. Jeff Lilly: Writer and creative properties developer from the United States living in Toyota Japan.
Vulne Pro Studios focus is on animation I.P. creation and world building. Languages English and Japanese (Jeff and Masako Lilly).




Vulne Pro <<*>> Hard Boiled Nouveau Animation Design and user/452565
  • Residential H 117-688
  • Haiglends E-41131
  • Tappco shop Straza Bazaar B8323
  • Hawkens building 231-F level
  • D-5582C Gelben-bloc
  • Jiendel Gavil Kunst Flam FOIL
  • Dies Quattra Val FOIL
  • Ileman-Loch Atra Satus FOIL
  • Oshen-Dies Mana Vishu FOIL
  • TKP Indus art boards 11-20
  • TKP Polemon art boards 1-10
  • TAEDUS Gumbinnen Sems