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Hello, my name is: Sam “Xavier” Brackish…

I am a: Pansexual Bigender (They/He/She)

I like: drawing, painting, sketching, doodling, artwork, porn, rule 34, fan art, constructive critiques, video games, card games, board games, nostalgic stuff, assassin's creed, healthy food, exercising at the gym, playing sports, baseball, football, lifting weights, soccer, call of duty, liam neeson, metal gear solid, classic horror movies, bloody slasher films, torture porn, watching movies/films, viewing documentaries, 3D sculpting, fashion, awesome clothes, yaoi, yuri, hentai, ecchi, bara, guro, futa, omorashi, anthro/furries, loli, shota, incest, bondage/BDSM, necrophilia, pedophilia, noncon/dubcon, watch_dogs, grand theft auto, musicians, listening to good albums, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, bands, fandoms, conventions, reading books, fan fiction, shopping, collecting stuff, leveling up, fetish art, writing, cosplay, learning things, speaking different languages, having logical conversations, encyclopedia dramatica, trolling around, chess, checkers, monopoly, gambling, casinos, biology, chemistry, science, math, geometry, trigonometry, world history, rainbows, pastel goth, indie music, weapons, target-practice, self-defense, guns, knives, explosives, drugs, smoking, cigarettes, sarcasm, funny jokes, memes, reaction images, camping outside, nature, photography, customizable profile themes, tattoos, piercings, gay/lesbian/transgender pride, equal civil rights, law enforcement officers, military officials, veterans, tamagotchis, winnie the pooh, harvester, a serbian film, papercrafts, cooking, eating, gourmet food, animals, pets, my friends, my fans, people who support me, my family, school, university, working, freelancing, cartoons, anime, manga, comics…

I hate: my OCD, uncleanly surroundings, being negatively labeled, bad spelling/grammar, hugboxes, trigger warnings, littering, trash, scum, too much drama, people setting a bad example, special snowflakes, losers, hypocrites, transphobia, homophobia, nationalism, racism, terrorism, war, mental illnesses, insomnia, heart problems, lung diseases, excessive coughing, alcoholics, drug addicts, wannabe stoners, gangs, bad dreams, bad trips, weeaboos, otakus, games lagging, try-hard hipsters, SJWs, neo-pronouns, otherkins, anti-theists, bible-thumpers, cat-calling, perverts, radical feminists, going to the doctor/dentist, long lines, airport security terminals, waiting rooms, crowded places, gross smells, art thieves, bad liars, false reporters, youtube copyright, my anorexia/bulimia, body-shaming, weighing myself, bad art, tracing, stealing, base-users, attention-whores, kink-shaming, awkward moments, people who can’t take a joke or understand sarcasm, extreme vanity, jealousy/envy, foreign political oppression, critique being disabled on shitty artwork, being ignored, spam bots, phishing links…
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