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BlueBlur Chrome

My Real location: United States (Not listed on this site)

Birthday Corrected. Don't know why it said April.

About Me,

Hey my name is Sonic the Hedgehog! I love running and adventure. I am 90% like Sonic at Heart & Soul, In Second Life I show who I am on the inside and not outside. I can be impatiant and short temper but kind at heart, Send me a friend Request if ya like to talk some buddy!

Happily Part of the Furry Community & Sonic Community. Power to the Fur!

You can find me on Second Life as well, My Avatar name is FurryWolf Rayna, My Display Name on Second Life is Sonic the Hedgehog

You can also see me post Second Life Videos when I have ideas to record as well.

I'm also a Artist but I am not currently drawing any at this time. Do not have anything to draw with.