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weibo: @吉姆姆姆

Thank you for your grading and following( *`ω´) I can hardly read nor write Japanese, so if you would like to talk to me...please speak in English: ) I would be very appreciated to receive your comment.

Because of my dear helpful friend, my works could be translated into Japanese. Clapping for her!
  • 大太刀兄弟の日常④
  • 大太刀兄弟の日常(&パロ)③
  • ちび大太刀
  • 大太刀兄弟の日常(…か?)②
  • 大太刀兄弟の日常
  • 太郎太刀の紋には鶴がある
  • セリフ
  • 無題
  • golden boy
  • ★
  • everybody loves jolyne!