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"集真藍", is tagged with 「松本乱菊」「BLEACH1000users入り」 and others.





5/29/2010 07:02
Kana2/12/2014 21:20いきなりすみません… こちらの画像、Twitterのなりきり垢のアイコンで使わせていただいてもよろしいですか…? すごく綺麗だったので拝借したくて…$eron2/26/2013 18:59涙腺崩壊ですっ。。。。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。hatabolic6/13/2010 23:46DOGtoothさま>はわわ愛・・・ですと?!そんな恐れ多いです・・・!あ・記入済みの婚姻届は右の引き出しの一段目に入れておきました。6/13/2010 18:10ふおおお…!うp主愛してます^p^hatabolic6/6/2010 18:10TG>Your comment make me happy!thank you!and...I'm sorry in poor English. ....hatabolic6/6/2010 18:04TG>Thanks a lot for the comment! This picture was the one having been drawn while experimenting in my way.And, it was not so confident.TG6/6/2010 15:41I love the way you colored it! The cool shades of blue and purple add a lot to the tone of the picture!TG6/6/2010 15:40Outstanding job! I love the feel of this picture! The contrast between Rangiku & Gin's expressions and emotions are extremely well done, and
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