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"Konoha's autumn", is tagged with 「Itachi」「うちは兄弟」 and others.

Just a little doodle with Itachi and Sas...


Konoha's autumn


9/13/2010 01:32
Just a little doodle with Itachi and Sasuke, who belong to Kishimoto of course :)The author is Russian so I am sorry but won't be able to un...Read more
azure10/22/2013 18:52So cute! Especialy the hangingdoll under the belt.daotae10/1/2010 01:52梅弓 thank you very much for the kind word :) And what is even better - kind words that I can understand XD里美/ROM9/13/2010 03:18how about comments in English :) hehehe this is so beautiful! Looking forward to your future submissions!