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"カンタレラ", is tagged with 「VOCALOID」「Assassin'sCreed」 and others.

The art work from 2010 works 『B&W』....




12/31/2010 00:36
The art work from 2010 works 『B&W』.
Violet4/5/2015 02:00qnq碧安卡好美!numenforme2/27/2015 01:03好美Swift1/17/2015 13:14好华丽的长裙啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊黎瓷12/17/2014 06:24(happy3)黎瓷12/17/2014 06:24上色太美!!!!!!Nidhoggr_PFT9/8/2014 16:31弗拉明戈!在很久之前的动漫贩就看到这个图 那个时候就开始喜欢真A大大啦!Breich9/8/2014 15:05玩OSU的时候看见的图,原来来自这里啊~子非鱼8/21/2014 21:10这…neta的是歌剧魅影吧…NIGHT8/7/2014 22:10I finally found you, very beautiful~~番茄桑7/28/2014 10:00男生有点刺客信条的味道火焰磷猫7/2/2014 18:00男生换成黑发就真是CC和鲁鲁修了。w6/14/2014 01:50(love2)蔻尔缇拉4/27/2014 05:19I have seen this work about 2 years ago.Now I know where it comes from.lolhuruutyii@休止中3/24/2014 09:17激しくメイキング希望!!! (excited)彼女3/8/2014 16:13good job!seki1/26/2014 02:02好想变得跟你一样屌!骑士11/25/2013 00:22超赞!!!果断收藏!!!PBYUM9/1/2013 21:45wow 헐 대박 神ですか?! すごい!!hollybear8/15/2013 22:00stardust?國政怜矢6/8/2013 22:20凄すぎるクオリティです!憧れます。
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