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"Game Over", is tagged with 「MGSPW」「スネーク「カズうるさい」」 and others.


Game Over


2/18/2011 01:23
xrikux11/28/2012 02:18i love you raeチャック11/21/2011 06:26coooooooooooooolほっしー3/18/2011 13:31コスプレ会場でみれそうな風景だw良介3/12/2011 14:26看到RAE畫MGS很感動+1111!您畫的蛇叔實在太讚了ˇGP2/19/2011 08:27ahaha awesome!!! loved the colorsTaiwanBeer2/18/2011 23:26嘖,好想買PSP來玩MGS啊....(望向和自己體重增長成反比的錢包先生....)2/18/2011 21:34天阿看到RAE大畫MGS超感動QQQQQ2/18/2011 20:59hi, Im Tony, one of fan of you. i always enjoy and excite in your beautiful picture! n I'd really wanna know how to draw picture(making)...iFfamran.M.B2/18/2011 15:26ミラーの脚の閉じ方が女子っぽいwMokun2/18/2011 13:16Rae的Snake好帥啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dog2/18/2011 11:06そんな二人がカッコイイですAshin2/18/2011 10:43DidHeCry?HAHAHAAAAAAAA遊魔2/18/2011 03:07本当に杉t カズヒラとピースウォーカープレイしたら、言いそうな台詞ですねw紳士タナル2/18/2011 01:28追加Tag又出包請原諒我OTZ黃教練啊啊啊坐姿好口愛vvvvv