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"fallen hope", is tagged with 「切ない…」「まどほむ」 and others.



fallen hope


3/28/2011 00:18
音梦之巅9/19/2015 12:42太虐了嗷嗷嗷Q^QPurple❤Pink4/20/2011 04:28Continuation: You did a great job!Purple❤Pink4/20/2011 04:08I love this so much! Thank you for drawing HomuMado (my one and only true pairing for this series)! I hope you will make more! You did a greArgroh Valdios3/29/2011 14:34BREAK THE FATE... AND GET BACK TO ALTONA BRAVER!IKR3/28/2011 12:42TuT ♥ゆい3/28/2011 00:59aaaaa thankyou for drawing my OTP!! ;__; this is too precious <333
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  • Total score39010


  • キスメちゃん~v/黒兎@SPARK東3ア94a
  • fallen hope/黒兎@SPARK東3ア94a
  • bonds/黒兎@SPARK東3ア94a
  • ☆/黒兎@SPARK東3ア94a
  • 早苗vsぬえ/黒兎@SPARK東3ア94a
  • マミさん/黒兎@SPARK東3ア94a

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  • 【CCS10おまけ漫画】恋人は宇宙人【及影】/まめぶ
  • 10/4 スパーク 新刊サンプル/折子ポトス

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