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"らくがき", is tagged with 「ヘタリア」「ふわほわコンビ」 and others.





4/15/2011 22:44
Pompa3/11/2012 17:54・・・探したら見つからない摩訶不思議マジック・・・と思ったらサイトが閉鎖されてました>< ぜひ読んでいただきたかった・・・!グゥコ3/9/2012 02:20私もその小説読んでみたいですね✧✧The Cool Bean4/26/2011 22:46So very much indeed. :B <3Pompa4/20/2011 20:16he does, doesn't he?! yes! you and i have a lot to talk about ! :P <3The Cool Bean4/20/2011 08:51Francis/France looks sexual in blue. X'D <3Pompa4/18/2011 22:46thank you ~~;w; i'm glad you like it ! i think francis looks good in blue ^^The Cool Bean4/18/2011 06:00Ah, this is beautiful, the blues look so lush here. Very classical looking! <3Pompa4/17/2011 15:12thank u~, i'm flattered ^////^ actually this piece was inspired by a fanfic i've read over last week end.Perelka L4/17/2011 03:40OMG. OMG. OOMMMGGG. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND INTENSE AND I LOVE THIS ART SO MUCH IT IS SO PRETTY I AM SPEECHLESS a-and and ;w;Pompa4/16/2011 20:08thank you ^3^ glad you like it! and i admire your work too!chumomo4/16/2011 10:49Love your work so much <3