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"[AC] Ezio Auditore", is tagged with 「アサシンクリード」「アサクリ1000users入り」 and others.

Thank you for watching, bookmarked a...


[AC] Ezio Auditore


10/14/2011 17:09
Thank you for watching, bookmarked and the rates minna! Arigatou! <3
喵九爷3/9/2016 17:50jimmy108156/4/2015 23:06I LOVE EZIO!!!♥♥♥♥drinkupdionysus2/21/2015 17:43God such gorgeous assassin!!ジゼロ10/15/2011 17:13エツィオ凄い格好いい!!描写も繊細で、非常に心惹かれます。
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  • Total score21326

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