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"Lexy & Caldera", is tagged with 「ゴーストタイプ」「ふつくしい」 and others.

Lexy the Eevee, and Caldera the Chan...


Lexy & Caldera


10/19/2011 07:34
Lexy the Eevee, and Caldera the Chandelure. Two NPCs for the PMD-E Group.
あいさ10/23/2011 15:34fantastic!!はせ10/20/2011 12:10I love your picture! XDDDD
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  • Total score1017


  • A Deal/PurpleKecleon
  • Lexy & Caldera/PurpleKecleon
  • Merlot's Librarians/PurpleKecleon
  • Sauna and Masseuse/PurpleKecleon
  • King's Rock Casino owners/PurpleKecleon
  • color girl/PurpleKecleon

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  • 【ダンガンロンパ】ジェノサイダァーーーー!!翔!!/くろいぬ
  • チミドロフィーバー!/さきどろ
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