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"happy birthday to asuka!.Retake。", is tagged with 「EVA」「アスカ」 and others.

happy birthday to asuka!.!!!!!!!!!ASUKA赛...


happy birthday to asuka!.Retake。


12/4/2011 00:02
happy birthday to asuka!.!!!!!!!!!ASUKA赛高!!!!我最最最最最爱你了!!你是世界上最可爱的!!!!俺の嫁!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!【不知道为何就画了这张哭了的样子。。。大概是因为画之前看了REtake超级期待Q!!!!!Read more
兔扎特12/7/2011 23:43Thank u!China is so cold!!!! QAQk-マッシー12/4/2011 01:00かわいい。奥行きがある感じ。色もきれい。Cute. Depth of feeling there. Beautiful colors.
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