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"Confustars", is tagged with 「抗体コーラリアン」「創世記」 and others.




12/11/2007 06:28
3/8/2009 19:03I deformed stars because my friend said "★ ← mark of star is not cool" maybe..ggogi3/8/2009 15:59gorgeous!!! you are so genius... how could you draw this with what inspiration? very cool..!!12/11/2007 16:57ピカッ    ボワワワワ・・・       TOKIYA SAKBA12/11/2007 13:06ブゥーン・・・シュワッ12/11/2007 08:36よかった!ケロ12/11/2007 07:19すごくいいです。大好きです。