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"BattleField", is tagged with 「配管」「ロックマン1000users入り」 and others.

Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Roc...




1/17/2012 00:42
Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of RockMan.It's the best action game I love forever.
wwwwwwwwwww8/7/2016 11:57prettyP君5/11/2016 21:24赛博朋克??Artem2/4/2016 18:55Oh, so amazing! Colours, lights, depth... Well done!yee2121212/8/2015 19:05I'm sorry, but can I use your work to my graduation ppt?栗菜8/22/2015 01:23すばらしい・・・ (love4)吐子6/3/2015 20:25nice黑君3/1/2015 23:34光影做得好棒!!村人B1/7/2015 22:26感觉画风蛮喜欢的Rosalie10/28/2014 21:19我喜歡上方留下的細流跟下面水的透視!笠原_May7/11/2014 23:20哇 光源 酷-SOUND-6/27/2014 00:55太棒了!!顏色什麼的,還有意境。膜拜! (love3)桐@復活!!4/12/2014 16:18上色超神啊!s60314176/19/2013 21:19我一直好奇洛克人死翹翹時為什麼會爆炸然後還不留血塊~Lonely_Ne.s6/8/2013 00:24슬퍼진다..スズメ3/11/2013 19:08居然是VOFAN大大的圖!!!真是太有緣分了(逛網站的時候連進來的)伝心1/20/2013 22:14ゲームのような世界から、少し見える青空。最高だね!1²+3³1/5/2013 21:07好棒的色調!3/5/2012 20:52色使いが素敵です!よってぃー2/29/2012 06:15これは凄すぎるねGKy1/22/2012 22:23這張圖的意境真的很棒/この絵の雰囲気は本当に素晴らしいです。/The mood of this picture is really great.