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"『つり球』徒然モノクローム", is tagged with 「宇佐美夏樹」「真田ユキ」 and others.

Listen to music will want to paint...




5/20/2012 19:57
Listen to music will want to paint...
bebbep11/6/2013 13:47THIS IS SO CUTE I MIGHT DIE. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS.宇゜翊12/29/2012 20:32好棒好棒~!うしろまえ6/27/2012 21:56It is wonderful.!!I want you to teach how it is drawing.千川5/23/2012 01:11便箋超棒啦wwwwwlxclove6@神隐5/21/2012 23:45OP高还原!o(≧v≦)o舶特5/21/2012 22:53都好可愛,尤其喜歡泳圈那張 (^q^)
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