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"道", is tagged with 「擬人化」「レシラム」 and others.



5/23/2012 17:06
  • Views989
  • Total score97

Submitted Works

  • 道/bernoully
  • ミル再設計2/bernoully
  • アイサ再設計/bernoully
  • ロア再設計/bernoully
  • ミル再設計/bernoully
  • 主人公たち2/bernoully

Bookmarked Works

  • 「2016」In the grim darkness/司马闹腾
  • 「2016」SUPER TUESDAY~/司马闹腾
  • 「2016」LIVE - SUPER TUESDAY/司马闹腾
  • ./Miri Nanase
  • Battle Against a True Hero/opiu
  • 「中英」The NEVADA Primary/司马闹腾

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