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"どっちが好きなの?", is tagged with 「うずまきナルト」「サスサク」 and others.





6/4/2012 00:15
秀一6/24/2016 13:50ナルサク...?千原愛莉10/25/2015 02:58樱哥这足我能舔一年!幸醒迹闫9/13/2015 04:28Oh myidkwhattouse7/14/2015 08:14I got sum already bruhcasewood7/10/2015 18:45You need some gay porn.idkwhattouse7/7/2015 03:01You need a good hard spanking little girl!ice-rukia7/3/2015 07:06^_^like I care about a loser's opinion on me. Hope To the artist: please don't mind these comments. Thank u so much for your work!^_^idkwhattouse7/1/2015 12:44Ur a 14:36I don't think praising an artist's work is anything bitchy, instead, insulting others is, yes I mean you. Shame on you.idkwhattouse6/28/2015 06:46Bitch 13:48love!!!ice-rukia6/22/2015 13:47u r describing yourselfidkwhattouse6/4/2015 10:42Ugly!溪边的小二5/20/2015 21:26泪目~chaimadai201012/13/2014 16:41そんなにそれを愛しsummer很悲伤11/29/2014 15:07想哭!宇智波佐助11/5/2014 19:26好棒好棒!ひよこ@8/21/2013 14:36わーーーー!!✨サクラちゃんいいなーー(´・ω・`)超うらやましいっす!!←ww  サクラちゃんのドレスのレースきれいですねっっ!!Indianprincess5/22/2013 23:26大爱!!!!!>w<333333Thora4/8/2013 09:56I imagine that if any of them got married they would be the groomsman / bridesmaid in their weddings.