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"鷹の団", is tagged with 「ガッツ」「berserk」 and others.

My favorite arc of the manga is the Gold...




6/4/2012 01:36
My favorite arc of the manga is the Golden Age Arc, when they were all part of the Band of the Hawk.
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  • Total score901

Submitted Works

  • In love and given away/yuugi
  • Portrait of a necromancer/yuugi
  • 鷹の団/yuugi
  • Egg of the King/yuugi
  • Embrace in Red/yuugi
  • Battle stance/yuugi

Bookmarked Works

  • Beetlebum/みっつばー
  • 【忍たま】無題/nineo
  • つきねこ/KATSUO
  • 30分 遺物/ノア
  • [未来]世界最後のウィング/零@通販始めた
  • [夜莺~命运的叹息~]封面表纸/零@通販始めた

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