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"【PFSR】死にかけている花【幻獣の調査】", is tagged with 「ギルドア」「pixivファンタジアSR」 and others.





6/9/2012 01:02
】【日语:翻訳の中で】★死にかけている花【illust/27615948】 【生息地】ギルドア【稀有度】B級【危險度】C級
k12138099/29/2015 13:18there's nothing on his face.... not even a bit of sadness...dan9/23/2015 21:27大角虫!!!kiziku酱7/7/2015 14:06赞~\(≧▽≦)/~haru-shun6/9/2015 23:06美死啦~·alammar_6312/30/2014 11:47it's so beautiful i really love itsinai_9512/3/2014 17:00I love it! There is something intriguing about this piece.ヒロシ10/12/2014 12:41すばらしです!3/16/2014 16:55(serious)三条2/10/2014 19:12超爱这张啊啊啊啊啊!!!!วาตาริ10/27/2013 00:13thankfulPrifee6/15/2012 12:30肿莫这样。。。好伤感0 0丘丘6/11/2012 21:17银子老师你每次都这么好看【】!这么!!好看!!!sheep6/11/2012 20:00好棒!春田花花6/9/2012 16:49爆头?肯不哦6256/9/2012 10:26额 神马情况 又要END了 结局不要都搞的这么惨淡呀
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