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"The Devil You Know", is tagged with 「MikeCarey」「版権」 and others.

Cover illustration done for the novel &q...

Jo Chen/咎井淳

The Devil You Know

Jo Chen/咎井淳

6/10/2012 23:17
Cover illustration done for the novel "The Devil You Know" Chinese version. Written by Mike Carey. Licensed and published by Spring Publ...Read more
游弋12/13/2013 16:42太赞了···WM1/11/2013 16:57美啊美><Mr.5117/28/2012 16:04我有買了這書,我很喜歡,Jo Chen/咎井淳6/12/2012 01:25也許在微博上看過?這張前陣子已經在我的微博上登過了,至於書早在今年1月就於台灣出版VC.Empress6/11/2012 11:36以前收藏过这张图好像.没记错的话... ... 我又记错么??不确定??最近忙得脑子短路了...