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"League of Legends 百人大進擊 (細節修正)", is tagged with 「英雄聯盟」「League_of_Legends」 and others.



League of Legends 百人大進擊 (細節修正)


7/18/2012 23:02
JiuJiuBear6/28/2013 17:10歐耶~~吼塞雷阿XDD冷蛙鍋7/26/2012 00:49icm1264@ that's me (blushicm12647/26/2012 00:03BTW, who is he;between Kennen&Twitch?icm12647/26/2012 00:02Jesus, pity brand. His ash is under 'The Mushroom'.227/23/2012 18:02lolol Brand has been slain小那nadoka7/19/2012 17:40我終於找到全部的英雄了WWW風丸7/19/2012 16:34辛苦了!!大大!加里歐好可愛喔囧安安7/19/2012 00:38摁 也是啦XD 隨然有時也想把我溶入角色之中,可是常常都會讓讀者們看不懂......冷蛙鍋7/19/2012 00:26一定要的啊(?囧安安7/19/2012 00:21你好想有混在裡面喲??(在慎的腳下)
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