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""I...I don'"", is tagged with 「TARITARI」「TARITARI1000users入り」 and others.

Gentlemen!plz help this girl!


"I...I don'"


7/20/2012 04:46
Gentlemen!plz help this girl!
ソアre3/24/2015 00:33英語はどうでもいい… つずきはよろくす10/25/2014 01:42英語はアニメ内のネタなのですFeary Air Force9/25/2014 08:57英語として成り立ってないよ・・・(´・ω・`)Yuris Patch5/23/2014 22:50money is an uncountalbe noun, so that your sentence itself is not correct(lol)加位奈7/29/2013 22:59英語の意味云々いう奴はアニメ見てこいMando-kun7/25/2013 05:13It's okay..., we don't have to money~まっつあん4/15/2013 14:35英語おかしいだろmint8/23/2012 00:09どんな意味?= =Blacksmoke8/22/2012 07:22Amazing. I'd money her, if you know what I mean.ixCalibre7/22/2012 23:15ドンマネさんドンマイ!pitman7/21/2012 22:09amazing, just fricking amazing. - 21:00in my original language ohh muy linda imagen or in inglish"Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee"or in Japanesse"Mottoo KAWAIIIIIII"rejer7/20/2012 19:34But we don't money too...シズの賤7/20/2012 16:52「お金がなければ絶対撮らないで」
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