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"Complicated", is tagged with 「Mike」「ポケモン」 and others. the Charmander...




7/26/2012 10:03
Mike the Charmander
The Masked
  • Views409
  • Total score165

Submitted Works

  • "Long Jing Hu Meng" - Tiger/Haychel
  • Complicated/Haychel
  • Longing/Haychel
  • Chill's Present/Haychel
  • Gunpowder used Stealth Rock/Haychel
  • Leon the Riolu/Haychel

Bookmarked Works

  • 白/Re:D.summer
  • Halloween/コマドリ
  • ヒゲとカメ/ぺぱでん
  • 夏影/凹
  • 8/zhongfenghua
  • 無題/kiwr@ティアC16b

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