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"ASSASSIN", is tagged with 「Assassin'sCreed」「アサシンクリード」 and others.

●As CWT31 (comic world in Taiwan) handbi...




8/17/2012 21:17
●As CWT31 (comic world in Taiwan) handbill
Sunny8/20/2012 23:48噗哈哈哈哈哈哈哈最后一幅笑死啦!!!我也想起四老外那图啦!【煉司(れんじ)8/20/2012 00:46>tiandlzz 在畫的時後沒這麼覺得, 不過大家都覺得很像那四位老外XDDD煉司(れんじ)8/20/2012 00:44>血雨大長老 越看越像就想惡搞XDDDDtiandlzz8/19/2012 10:40哈哈哈哈想到了四老外那张图XDD血雨8/18/2012 15:02真的變成祖孫電影院啦XD
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