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"Sun Rain", is tagged with 「花園」「日傘」 and others.

2012新刊“Through the Looking-glass” #2


Sun Rain


9/3/2012 00:21
2012新刊“Through the Looking-glass” #2
jl-cat5/27/2016 20:54Like it so much!霉君5/23/2016 12:05这一张真的太出名了 我从堆糖到百度一路识图过来终于找到画师是sei了!!!感动 然后再找到你的微博 顺带再关注了一下Ice12/21/2015 23:20直接收藏faggotococknose12/18/2015 06:52You're absolutely right, 'Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world it feels like my heart is going to cave in.'Sakino7/29/2015 12:55色彩简直太棒了!小さなオレンジ12/31/2014 02:57美腻了!!Dai12/28/2014 10:19二大妈封面!!!!やくも ゆかり12/6/2014 20:15哇啊啊一点开就被色彩给惊艳到了ヽ(*´∀`)ノcolonelalhafiz11/30/2014 12:16its like mana khemia 2花椒9/30/2014 09:18继续支持!! (love3)京華煙雲7/26/2014 04:35之前忘了收藏。imouto7/21/2014 16:18花の香りを画面越しからでも想像出来そうな一作。物凄い、ハイレベル不嗣音7/17/2014 20:20色彩好棒kuephiina5/23/2014 00:04流光溢彩璀璨辉华!!!为什么可以这么好看!!!????悲 しみ はオ ーロラ に..2/27/2014 18:25可愛い!floriflore2/25/2014 20:27The colors are wonderful !Caron2/21/2014 18:41It's so beautiful!!anchen2/7/2014 19:23二次元狂热封面。。ゆべし2/7/2014 17:46可愛い!てる12/12/2013 20:37キャンディー