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"Renatuscope", is tagged with 「超絶技術」「美しすぎる」 and others.

May the worlds start spinning once again...




9/3/2012 20:01
May the worlds start spinning once again. For the world, and for mine.
his10/22/2015 18:15美しすぎて、涙がでそうでした。凄いです!!张起灵4/11/2015 19:07标签10013!!水分摄取1/13/2015 13:48rei子太太!!!たろいも3/23/2014 01:1810点じゃ足りない!!松野3/8/2014 19:08好美!!一勺桂花糖2/13/2014 17:25美哭了OUO另外我现在在新西兰留学 ,设计课要求要采访几个设计师,我可以采访你么?Mia Tseng2/23/2013 14:52神啊!~Dokinana2/13/2013 08:23Puff!!! cool!Dokinana2/13/2013 08:22Puff!!! cool!Restricted-1610/31/2012 11:02woo~~"o((>ω< ))o" awesome~~~Popoco10/12/2012 20:35ohh!质感好棒怎么做到的Q.Q...D☆Lange9/30/2012 23:32Could i ask you to upload background image on your page? Both were really beautiful!D☆Lange9/30/2012 23:25I love your works. i check your page everyday! :D芳政9/21/2012 17:10はじめまして。ゾクゾクするくらい綺麗な絵ですね。眼福です。BROOK9/18/2012 13:32非常喜欢!你的画里有灵魂!tomato-san9/8/2012 16:17感觉可以死而无憾了………………………………T▽Tvettel9/7/2012 21:58喜欢~!!!窒息章魚@Octopus9/6/2012 20:31超美的!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>口<總體動力上升9/6/2012 15:44美死了!!!!!!!!SpadeAce♠9/5/2012 22:13真的好美!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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