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"海島風格 Island Stylin'!", is tagged with 「Yoshi」「10点じゃ足りない」 and others.

"No Yoshi Is an Island."17 yea...

teh yoshi

海島風格 Island Stylin'!

teh yoshi

10/5/2012 12:09
"No Yoshi Is an Island."17 years ago today, Yoshi's Island was released in America. Go, Yoshi! Hup!「沒有耀西是一座孤島」從今天17年之前,超級瑪利歐世界...Read more
TMR5/30/2014 22:49beautiful!!!さゆぬ11/8/2012 23:10[continued] each other. / これはすごい。一人一人生き生きしてて好きです。さゆぬ11/8/2012 23:09Wow, what a huge work... a little too huge for a yoshi’s back ! I like how every character is given vitality and doing funny things each othシアン10/6/2012 11:25The love to Mr. teh yoshi's Yoshi island is very transmitted! Ten points are insufficient.