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"Sherlock comic (Chinese / 中国語版)", is tagged with 「漫画」「【役者】ジェームズ・マカヴォイ/McAvoy」 and others.
ジン (仔犬養ジン)

Sherlock comic (Chinese / 中国語版)

ジン (仔犬養ジン)

10/8/2012 01:41
Here is a Chinese translation of my comic, "Dorothy left the battlefield(ドロシーは戦場を去った)"! It looks amazing in my eyes though unfortunate...Read all
ジン (仔犬養ジン)10/11/2012 18:33> Glad you liked it!!ジン (仔犬養ジン)10/11/2012 18:33>M君 Such a lovely comment *blushes* Thanks a lot!silives10/10/2012 23:16Oh my god! Very GOODM君10/10/2012 18:03excellent work excellent translation!! just love it!!!<3ジン (仔犬養ジン)10/8/2012 17:59Thanks a lot!啊花10/8/2012 14:08天啊画的太棒太感人了!!!!
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