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"【腐】DCいろいろ", is tagged with 「クラブル」「バットマン100users入り」 and others.

小プロさんから、BATMAN:梟の法廷 絶賛発売中です!!!




2/15/2013 21:50
小プロさんから、BATMAN:梟の法廷 絶賛発売中です!!!
じろう(jiro)8/23/2014 00:22Thank you all♡♡ 24209284538/13/2014 22:30动作设计的太好了!透露出两人的甜蜜!(love2)Rice3ater7/10/2014 14:47Very cute. 8DFranziska3/21/2014 02:04So sweet,more please^^madelin1/13/2014 14:05I love u'r artwork clark/bruce!!!じろう(jiro)3/17/2013 21:38> kickkat Thanks~~~!!<3<3<3 I'm always grateful for your comments! :)じろう(jiro)3/17/2013 21:32>空 Thanks! I want to draw them more. I'm glad you see my art, but also take some time to it.じろう(jiro)3/17/2013 21:29>yeu Thanks!^o^ I'm also very very happy!kickkat2/17/2013 04:29Aaa seeing your at always makes me so happy! <3 <32/16/2013 21:23Your Clark/Bruce pairing is super cute. Expect you draw more of them.yeu2/16/2013 12:05Love these art ! so so so fun and cute! happy Valentine's Day :D
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