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"【 赤降】Forever alone [English]", is tagged with 「赤降」「火黒」 and others.

【 赤降】Forever alone [English]


3/20/2013 08:32
Hi! o/ This is my first doujinshi, so I can not say that is pretty good! Also, I'm Brazilian, so my English may be wrong! ----------...Read all
Sh3ro3/8/2014 18:03This is cute!! ><まちの3/22/2013 21:50Good job ! I love your works . I never thought that I can see Akahuri in English !!拡声器3/21/2013 23:19Your ideas and drawings are soooo nice! Especially AkaFuri♡ Amazing! I'd like to read more. Thank you for your special works!乳酸菌一族3/21/2013 01:51Furihata and Akashi are very cute!! Thank you very much!!スネリ3/21/2013 01:14言葉は微妙だけど(読めるか読めないか)、すっごい美味しいです(^p^)Thanks you!←あっているかわかりません
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