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"星の雨音", is tagged with 「星空」「評価点数上限なし」 and others.




5/17/2013 00:04
Athanasiaorange3/30/2016 17:15Untold beautymcomic12/24/2015 00:56ロマンチックなアイデアlari10/23/2015 01:27this is one of my faves. the way we can travel in the scenery is magical and your rain is simply stunning as always.d.johnson.capa9/9/2015 12:02Beautiful Simply beautiful旅人7/13/2015 19:34圧巻ッ……!! (shock3)ckxy7/3/2015 18:53it's great!!I love it best6/2/2015 10:28幻之作,上君者无几矣!lunalala5/25/2015 01:18(love4)cksdn77774/3/2015 23:09이런 그림 정말로 좋아하는데.. 잘보고갑니다. 앞으로도 멋진그림 기대하고 있을게요!!我要长胖12/13/2014 12:40(= ̄ω ̄=)Soul Breaker-312/3/2014 09:40IB game?Mariamasau11/19/2014 10:51This is amazing!風の歌がきこえる8/28/2014 07:41何て幻想的なんだろう。Kuiyi5/30/2014 01:27美しい十六夜冬至5/19/2014 15:02滴答 叮咚sorasensei2/13/2014 10:19wow...i love this!嫌疑犯的昨日1/29/2014 14:30很美.....まえだ穹憂12/4/2013 13:20無言フォロー失礼しました!以後、作品の拝見させていただきます!!まえだ穹憂12/4/2013 13:18初見です!コメント失礼します・・・!!!すごくキレイに描かれていて素敵です\\\\\白乃街12/2/2013 12:46雨音が本当に聴こえそう。見た瞬間に引き込まれました。