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"vergil", is tagged with 「DMC」「バージル」 and others.

guest for 紅時。祝DMC本大賣~




5/25/2013 19:30
guest for 紅時。
久保っち5/19/2016 17:09自分はDMCの中では、バージルが一番大好きです!Xima5/31/2014 05:09Awesome! I love him.Pixi1/22/2014 11:16My favorite in the Devil May Cry universe - beautifully done.tanja7/25/2013 14:12本当にすごいです!!黒貓の足迹6/21/2013 11:55V哥略帅Joi' Mimic5/28/2013 11:45最爱V哥了!!!carteryin5/26/2013 22:24竟然是G图!果然元老的G图都是最高级的!K窝耐你!66ab77cc5/26/2013 22:04維哥超帥的啦!! 但還是Dante本命XDhshshs5/26/2013 19:44啊啊!V哥!sweat5/26/2013 17:54cool夜神姬5/26/2013 14:17好棒!V587!lololess5/26/2013 13:53好帅!!
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