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"The Potato Titan- Sasha Braus!", is tagged with 「エレン・イェーガー」「リヴァイ」 and others.

For pixiv users: Please help me by taggi...

【hews】 @hews__

The Potato Titan- Sasha Braus!

【hews】 @hews__

5/25/2013 23:48
For pixiv users: Please help me by tagging the proper tag for this one because im not that good at my Japanese language skills, thank you very m...Read more
悲哀2/18/2014 20:55这只女巨人长的有点像三笠啊==不对。。。银白遮10/26/2013 22:13画师母语英文吗,Can i make friend for you.我知道我翻译的很生硬……yooooooo9/26/2013 14:51给我来一打这样的巨人。。我这里土豆要多少有多少Celiaaa8/7/2013 01:29likelikelike!!! OMG Sasha Kyoujin is soooo attractive!Manslayer6/30/2013 23:54莎夏你又偷白薯了!シン5/30/2013 09:43この発送はなかった【hews】 @hews__5/28/2013 02:50Thanks 這時候只要笑就可以了 Group in Facebook卓一灯灯5/27/2013 13:57性感巨人千夜5/27/2013 13:41超性感的女巨人!! 真棒!!hazyf5/27/2013 13:12wowwwwww【hews】 @hews__5/27/2013 01:26yes will do, Mii :D thanksBCM5/27/2013 01:24good job! cheer~ keep trying【hews】 @hews__5/27/2013 01:20haha appi :3appi5/27/2013 01:12wow sashaaaaaaaaa!!! I love youuuuu! lol【hews】 @hews__5/26/2013 23:09lol 紙の幻想 xD www5/26/2013 22:55Breast Goddess!I feel I've already seen the paradise!!【hews】 @hews__5/26/2013 19:28thanks for the help 三日月!! :D三日月5/26/2013 19:23OK....tag"クリスタ・レンズ"(christa lenz) has been added : Dナクシ5/26/2013 19:07巨大娘は良いですね~!w【hews】 @hews__5/26/2013 18:53yes 三日月 thats christa/krista