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"パン屋さん", is tagged with 「イラスト」「パン屋さん」 and others.




7/2/2013 16:23
セミ4/7/2014 13:22no, I don't. Thank you for your comment, though:)Gabbi4/7/2014 12:05Do you have a Tumblr? I love all of your art so much!!!!! (heart)セミ2/6/2014 02:49dear littlegrin! thank you. Your kind words really made my day.littlegrin1/28/2014 15:35I'm so gland that I got even more likable pictures in your pixiv gallery. Please keep drawing.セミ7/5/2013 07:10PINKROLL님 고맙습니다! ㅎㅎ;;;쑥쓰럽네요PINKROLL7/3/2013 23:46음..오타네요...ㅜㅜ하 여튼 잘보구갑니당PINKROLL7/3/2013 23:45방사에서봤어요!! 랭킹훑다가 반가운 마음에 코멘트남깁니다. 정말 멋졍ᆞ느....