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"Super Londo Bros!!", is tagged with 「Smough」「処刑者スモウ」 and others.

[PIXEL ART] A collaboration between me a...


Super Londo Bros!!


8/4/2013 02:14
[PIXEL ART] A collaboration between me and Cyangmou( featuring the dynamic duo: Smough and Ornstein ...Read more
piposhimo2/19/2015 01:02ふおおおおおおおお、完成度たっけぇ! 素晴らしいWolfenoctis8/7/2013 14:14Thank you 4X_X3Y4X_XR3Y8/7/2013 07:53"竜狩りオーンスタイン" (Dragon Slayer Ornstein), "DARKSOULS", "処刑者スモウ" (Executioner Smough), "オーンスタイン " (Ornstein), "スモウ" (Smough).4X_XR3Y8/7/2013 07:47I recommend you some tags, so hopefully more people will find this art :).
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