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"夏 (Refrain)", is tagged with 「女の子」「夕日」 and others.

Cropped version ---> illust/38091705


夏 (Refrain)


8/26/2013 22:09
Cropped version ---> illust/38091705
darrenpplolz10/5/2016 11:08the feels~ (satisfaction3)qwe520liao11/12/2015 18:42it's beautiful !!azureafterlight8/14/2014 18:42awesomeakane4/24/2014 13:46amazing painting桜色のブルーの夏3/22/2014 18:08美しさは息をすることを忘れkanamims3112/24/2013 14:45gorgeous!!Ghost12/24/2013 08:34That pic is nice!kinetik12/19/2013 08:59*q*面容慈祥的老汉9/28/2013 23:57ChaoJiBang!!!!ChaoXiHuan!!!!JaneSuki9/26/2013 03:48amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kein8/28/2013 22:28ありがとうございます!名無しさん8/28/2013 21:00すごくいい
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