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"千と千尋の神隠し", is tagged with 「千と千尋の神隠し」「ハク」 and others.




9/24/2013 23:11
ピンクのキョウリュウ✡3/8/2015 22:38このシリーズめっちゃ好きです! 使わさせて頂きます*\(^o^)/*Glitter5/1/2014 15:18すごく、きれいなミュシャ風の絵ですね!感動しました!darleneacarroll3/10/2014 05:10where can I purchase copies of the Studio Ghibli posters2/12/2014 10:51千可愛い!!nanshilarc12/15/2013 08:04amazing Thank you for creating itjessliyou11/29/2013 15:23Awesome!!448710/6/2013 12:34やばい!!さらだ☆ぼーる10/2/2013 21:32すばらしすぎるCandigrrl651410/1/2013 12:30Hi! I really want to buy your posters. Where can I do that??米ポン菓子9/27/2013 07:16ミュシャっぽい!いい!綺麗ですね! (´∀`*)kyria9/27/2013 05:32wow, this is great! your art is really cool!TAKUMI™9/26/2013 15:12KH??りっもち9/26/2013 13:49KHっぽくていいね♪