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"Lee Sin's Last Whisper", is tagged with 「League_of_Legends」「lee_sin」 and others.



Lee Sin's Last Whisper


10/25/2013 08:20

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3443067652/13/2016 20:01不過這龍女真的完美啊= =3443067652/13/2016 20:01心疼皇子,老是被NTR,哎Pine10/12/2015 04:44(・ิϖ・ิ)っ9049547416/25/2015 12:206666kanasaki5/31/2015 21:30怒吃小龍鮑!喝!9047854821/25/2015 17:14没看错龙女来着ice棒棒1/11/2015 00:00这是什么英雄啊glsha8/15/2014 02:11표정진심qwert64167/27/2014 19:38이재안와Dynamic7/19/2014 09:53I found Wally :)yafeelsooogod7/16/2014 23:48김치의 성지네요Pavnus7/12/2014 00:57I love you brother.........come back......................adcarry7/6/2014 09:46이형이진짜 잘그리는데 어디갓지에니시스6/30/2014 14:46와.. 좋다 ㅋㅋ小10回忆6/13/2014 00:42全是韩国人那~!nedaumhonguh1236/7/2014 11:41언제와 ㅠㅠアリス6/3/2014 00:23what time to renewal이게무슨솔5/31/2014 13:49라이엇에서 잡아간듯 ㅜㅜ이게무슨솔5/3/2014 14:45시발소코파 픽시브접었냐?aaaaaaaasssssss4/30/2014 19:33언제 오나요 ㅠㅠ
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  • Total score11804

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