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"「Travel around the world」", is tagged with 「frozen」「Frozen」 and others.

Well, this time, its not a sweet...


「Travel around the world」


2/6/2014 07:15
Well, this time, its not a sweet story. ;P. || It is insprited by the unselected song "We know better". However, I suppose th...Read more
Jac2/22/2014 01:21:((((((((((((((大几霸2/7/2014 19:27阿七你真是越来越触了啊……emeraldc2/7/2014 00:36So much feels......:'(oomk32/6/2014 22:17寿命论好虐心的。。。。Kai2/6/2014 15:29I don't know why, but the song "A Thousand Years" appear right away I see this pic ;(.
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