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"FF7 ACC", is tagged with 「ACC」「集合絵」 and others.
diamond dust


diamond dust

5/18/2009 18:47
NinjaJesus7/6/2014 06:34Dope as hell!toibo3/19/2014 10:14ふつくしい…ハイフンアンダーバー3/21/2011 22:28来报道了ハイフンアンダーバー3/21/2011 22:28来报道了SkyWolf10/7/2010 13:36Amazing! Very nice work! I love the bold style and sense of movement!モチ6/1/2010 15:10So beautiful...I totally see your love toward the game! Great piece!mok4/23/2010 22:30すごい綺麗ですね!!感動しました!JC1/19/2010 10:26Excellent composition, dynamic and captures the feel of the movie well.PEN.11/24/2009 14:14这图我以前在LU收掉了呢 加分ONI5/20/2009 14:43好可憐啊S帝王XDD夢際5/20/2009 00:32上手すぎて・・・!!wsenitsu#圖力離家了5/19/2009 19:49啊啊...很強大啊...しーたす5/19/2009 19:39咦咦,這是國人畫的!?QAQ...以前看到了,沒想到吶~~shui1905/19/2009 19:31啊咧..天朝的 啊大橘子5/19/2009 12:32看过着图的过程 哈哈 很强大呀·5/18/2009 21:29花の描き込みがすごいです!k@non5/18/2009 18:53表現がとても綺麗で美しいですw
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  • Total score18487


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