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"戰ロリ", is tagged with 「ブラック・ブレット」「ブラブレ1000users入り」 and others.

I like this animation .I like this coupl...




6/29/2014 12:59
I like this animation .I like this couple.I like battle Loli
团战我只负责帅12/26/2014 17:53这张感觉延朱像小宝宝一样ゆきおしみ7/5/2014 19:04(love3)14659332157/5/2014 17:09我的错觉?感觉画反了?Anttintack7/1/2014 17:52(love4)神话日记7/1/2014 14:43可出海报?Archer.6/30/2014 19:33すごい!!kara6/30/2014 17:41蓮太郎的菊花就由我來守護!!!节操一地奈亚子6/30/2014 03:09小学生真是太棒了LucKy6/29/2014 22:43Enju!!!!繁星6/29/2014 19:17被触瞎了QAQ (love2) (love2) (love2)MOMO6/29/2014 16:47好可愛 _(:3J)_C46/29/2014 13:11高还原啊!
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